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  1. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones New Member

    This is a thread for capturing issues, solutions and thoughts on this new manufacturer.

    Since their documentation level needs help, Here can be a place to ask questions and get community answers.
  2. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones New Member

    Synching your FPV return Video? I have lost video from the drone and can't get it back.

    Boy did I hit this one in spades. Twice!! Being a newbie when I first turned it on, everything was set from the factory and it worked, then I accidentally must have hit the channel change button on the underneath of the drone and lost video. After some hunting around and not finding any forums about this company, I turned to Youtube, and yes there are a plethora of posters who have some help and useful tidbits.

    First I found the transmitter and receiver channel change button and everything worked great again.

    Then I learned one poster who showed moving the VTX antenna outside the landing outriggers gave you better signal and fewer dropouts.
    I opened the transmitter cover to see the board and how the antenna was hooked up and after the look see (I didn't really do anything, I swear) and buttoned it up. The next day I was ready for a longer flight with each of my batteries. BUt on turning it on, nothing - no video. I tried pressing the FPV channel change on the controller, 45 times, press, wait to see if the screen found something - nothing, do it again. then I repeated on the drone, all to no avail, I was ready to send it back for repair.

    Yesterday I saw a controller synching to the Drone on the outbound channel and he just hit the channel button on the outbound 2.4gHz transmitter and it synched up. so I tried the same tack last night on the receiver, I opened the cover tab on the bottom of the controller, held it for 3-5 seconds, then a beep or two and there it was clean beautiful video! My drone was saved!.. can't wait for a nice clear winter day to go out and fly more.

    There you have I I'm nowhere knowledgeable but if a few of us can ask and get answers we will all be better off.
  3. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones New Member

    Does anyone have information on what internal hardware is used on the different versions of the UP Air Drone?
    I have a UAD4K and there is a small board on top of the Gimbel that apparently feeds the gimbel and aonther connector to the Video transmitter.
    I've sen teardowns on other UAD's where this board is replaced by a larger transmitter/video/gimbol controller covered by a larger heat sink where the transmitter is on mine.
  4. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones New Member

    I bought an Eachine EV-800D FPV goggles for better flight control of my Upair. the goggles are excellent. One nice thing you get is when searching or tuning FPV video from the copter as you advance it shows the band and channel its looking at. It let me quickly scan and find the right video channel and then away we went. it has a mincro SD card for DVD recordings so if you record the final secnds of flight you get a good record of the flight distnace, altitude info that shows up for like 2 seconds as you turn the Drone off.
  5. royphotog

    royphotog New Member

    I got an UPair one drone for Christmas. It's my first drone. I have been doing well so far, but today I crashed, ran the thing into my garage door and it hit the gimble and two of the three wire connectors that connect to the little board that is just on top of the gimble were torn up. I fixed them as best I could but I get no picture, just snow when I turn on the FPV and the copter. I am not sure if this connector has anything to do with the transmission to the FPV or if it's something else. All the rest of the copter looks OK. I have gone through the process of holding the button on the bottom of the FPV to see if its the channel, and I do get some lines on the FPV, but that's it. I have watched so many youtube videos about the UPair and their documentation is lacking.

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