Tablets and DJI drones ?

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    I just bought a Mavic Pro Platinum :) and would like to use a tablet with it to fly.

    Who here uses a tablet as the view screen with their DJI drone ?

    I'd like something in the 9-10" approx range
    Obviously need to have a decent processor for FPV,
    I prefer Android.
    Do I need 4G or is wifi fine? i.e do I need an internet connection during or pre-flight.
    anything else I need to consider?

    and, here's the rub, I also need inexpensive because I pretty much killed the budget on the drone itself.

    So keen to hear from those who use (especially inexpensive) tablets for flying their DJI's.

    Cheers and thanks

    Having said that I acknowledge that a REALLY cheap OLD tablet won't do the job but a couple of hundred aussie dollars is roughly where I'm at, if possible.

    What about a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 ? These seem to get good user reviews and OK 'pro' reviews.

    Surely they'd be able to cope well with the DJI Go app, assuming not doing other cpu-hungry stuff in background ?
    4/5 (user reviews, including current / very recent reviews).
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