SkyViper 2450 fpv question

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    Hey everyone, long time reader and first time poster. I have the sky viper 2450 fpv which is almost the same, my question would be the same for either drone anyway. I have been having trouble with the onboard SD card, I can get about 2 minutes of video (it’s like 15-20 degrees outside now) but after the low battery beeping comes on it seems like it quits recording. I fly for over 5 minutes and have the camera running the whole time I think but I’m only getting a couple minutes out of the camera. Does the low battery beeping shut the camera off? It starts beeping after a few minutes but I can fly about 3-4 minutes more after (no it’s not the video recording beep, that’s much different).
    Another question I have is about something in the instructions, it says for an emergency stop to “hold down the stunt button (for drones that don’t have a stunt button, use the video button) and move both thumb sticks down and away from the center of the controller” (NOTE: my drone has a stunt button) anyway when I use the emergency shutoff it doensnt do anything, sometimes it tries to do the stunt/barrel roll/flip thing and sometimes it veers off to the side from the stick input. I have tried different timing and everything and can’t seem to get it right. Thanks!

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