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    Amazingly enough, DJI has introduced a new (updated) model of the Phantom 3. We are happy about this because, frankly, the P3 models are quite mature and reliable and many pilots don't need the advanced features in more expensive models.

    The new model is called the Phantom 3 SE ,sells for $599 and is at this link:

    For that price you get a top notch 4K capable camera, the VPS (ground sensing) system and a new upgraded wireless connection which increases the drone range to as much as 4KM. Note - we suggesting cutting these maximums by 50% for your use in most normal situations....but, realistically, even 1 KM is fine for most of what drones are used for.

    What it does NOT have is the "lightbridge" DJI system, which is an advanced wireless protocol...with longer and more reliable range (in many cases).

    The Phantom SE (Special Edition) is a well kept secret - but it shouldn't be.
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