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    Hey everyone - just joined the forum. I'm relatively new to this, but I recently crashed my DJI Phantom 3 and ended up having to do a full disassembly/reassembly to replace the shell. Given that there were no detailed How-To videos/instructions, I created a five-part series that I've posted online and just wanted to share it with you all in case it might be of some help to you or someone you know that is or has faced similar circumstances.

    Click here for the video series on YouTube - Topics covered include:

    Video 1:
    - Intro & Parts
    - Custom Paint Prep
    - RC HDMI Upgrade

    Video 2:
    - Top Shell Removal
    - Gimbal Disassembly
    - GPS Detachment

    Video 3:
    - Disassembly of Lightbridge Antennas, Landing Gears, Compass, Motors, and Main Board

    Video 4:
    - Disassembly of Battery Cage, Battery Terminal, USB Port, VPS Module
    - Transfer to New Shell and Reassembly

    Video 5:
    - GPS Module Transfer
    - Grand Reveal
    - Calibration
    - Test Flight
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    Here are some hints and tips for those who want to take more exciting video with their Phantoms!
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    (Below Post from DJI - Tim)
    Important information for newbies!
    Here is a list of basic things to pay attention to:

    A. Calibrate Compass and IMU
    How to calibrate IMU:
    1. Open the DJI GO
    2. Enter camera view
    3. Enter MC Settings
    4. Sensors=>IMU calibration
    5. Keep the aircraft on a flatsurface while calibrating IMU
    After long transportation or in a newflight environment, parameters of IMU, including gyroscope, barometer, andaccelerometer can be changed, so in this situation flying without calibrationcan lead to the aircrafts incorrect behavior.

    B. How to calibrate compass:
    1. Open the DJI GO app
    2. Enter camera view
    3. Enter aircraft state
    4. Compass => Calibrate
    5. Follow the instructions on adisplay.
    Tips: Dont calibrate compass in the zonesof strong electromagnetic interference as: electro stations, near high voltagepower lines, metal constructions, signal generator towers etc.

    C. Set go-home altitude correctly, and keep your eye on a low batteryreturn to home notice.
    1. Open DJI Go> MCSettings>Advanced Settings>Failsafe mode>Return to homealtitude(20-500m)
    2. When DJI Go displays low batteryreturn to home notice, pilot has 10 seconds to cancel it manually if needed.If RTH has not been canceled in 10 seconds aircraft will ascend to the RTHaltitude and fly to the home point. If user needs to land aircraft manually,RTH command has to be canceled in application or by pressing home-button on theremote controller. During critical battery warning, pilot cannot cancel RTH,but aircraft is controllable while returning back home.

    D. Dont turn on the aircraft holding it in your hands.
    Power on the aircraft only when it standingon the ground. Powering aircraft on, while holding it in your hands, wobbling orshaking it may cause Z axis bias estimation and yaw drift.

    E. Enable multiple flight mode.
    Open DJI GO> MC Settings>AdvancedSettings> Multiple flight mode
    When aircraft is getting interference, itwill switch to Atti mode which will stop GPS and compass operation and RTHfeature will not be available. Pilot also can switch aircraft to the atti mode,if there is some incorrect behavior of aircraft discovered. If multiple flight mode function is notenabled, switching between F/A/P modes will not be available and set to P-GPSby default.

    F. Battery usage:
    1. First charge the battery. Whenall the indicator lights go off, battery is fully charged. Dont keep the batteriescharged longer than 48 hours. If the time exceed 48 hours, please charge thebattery again to prevent voltage drop during the flight.
    2. Make a cycle of battery fullcharge and discharge every 20 flights.
    3. Always use a 100% charged battery for your initial takeoff and flights - you can land and take off again after that. Do not, for example, use a 1/2 discharged battery from the day before for a new flight (without recharging to 100%).

    G. Observe flight environment before taking off.
    Try to choose a wide and opened spot.Flying above the people, in the city above the water and in other complexenvironments fly cautiously and dont go beyond visual range.

    H. Be soft on RC sticks. Do not push the full stick continuously.
    Also, you can adjust aircrafts sensitivityin DJI Go>MC Settings>Gain & Expo Tuning.
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    Antenna Hints from DJI
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    For those interested, DJI is having a Holiday Sale until the end of December, 2015- this is on all Phantom 3 Models.
    ALL of them get the $149 hardshell backpack FREE with purchase.
    The P3 Standard remains at $699 ($100 off original price) plus you get the free backback.
    DJI Link to Holiday Sale Here.
    Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.17.13 PM.png
    Note - there are also promos on some of their other equipment:
    Inspire 1 V2.0 – One free TB47 battery
    Inspire 1 Pro – One free TB47 battery
    Ronin – One free 3400mAh battery
    Ronin-M – One free 1580mAh battery

    Note - if you already have a Phantom 3 be sure to update the various software as per the DJI Support Page at:

    I find it easier (more consistent) to use the MicroSD card method for the Phantom and Camera - this involves downloading the upgrade to a computer and transferring the .bin (after you unzip the file) to the root of your Phantom MicroSD card - then inserting it in your P3 and turning the bird on. Do not turn on the R/C control.

    Depending on your exact model and firmware revision, it may be possible to upgrade everything through the DJI Go App screen. `If so, this will prompt you for downloading and installing the files as long as you are in an area with a cellular or wireless connection. I often do my upgrades in the backyard since my tablet (Nexus 7) isn't cellular - this allow me to hook to the house wireless network if need be.

    Happy Holidays to all - and hopefully you will get some flying weather.
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    Note - when upgraded firmware a number of problems can present themselves - especially if you've traveled with the P3 (vibration, etc.).
    If you get various errors such as weak image transmission signal, etc - first order of business is to completely delete and reinstall the DJI GO app from your device.
    After that you'll want to place your P3 on a very level surface and do an IMU calibration.
    It's always good to do a compass calibration before flying again.

    Here is some detail on upgrading to the newest firmware!
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    Hi! I have a problem with flashing Phantom 3 Professional. Flashing process starts normally, but interrupts after 4-5 minutes. I tried several versions of firmware, but all is the same. Can you help me to fix it? Cause nobody can even find the reason of the problem. Thanks in advance!
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    You are probably better of posting in the DJI forums or the Phantompilots where more people with the exact same unit will be able to answer.
    Depending on the age of your unit (I have an early P3), the process can sometimes differ.

    I upgraded using the sd card - not through the app. I also had to so an IMU calibration as the bird was throwing off errors.
    If the unit is working with current firmware you may want to try a IMU calibration before you start the upgrading. Then try the upgrade using the sd card (not through the app).

    Mad-Angler has a bunch of tips on his RC Groups blog:

    He also hangs out on the DJI forums. Good luck...I'm still on 1.4 but will try upgrading soon.
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    As of Feb 16 (today), DJI has lowered the price of the Phantom 3 Pro to $999.
    Rumors say they may introduce a Phantom 4 in two weeks - this is likely to be a higher end model ($1500+).
    DJI Store $999 Phantom 3 Pro
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    QUOTE - Android Troubleshooting

    DJI states that only the following devices are compatible with the DJI Pilot App:
    Samsung S5, Note 3, Sony Xperia Z3, Google Nexus 7 II (2013), Google Nexus 9, Mi 3, Nubia Z7 mini

    Many other Android devices may work - but you are on your own as far as support. Slower devices, naturally, will result in more lag and video problems.


    Hi everyone

    I definitely had problems with a "non supported" Android device, but please read on......

    I recently purchase a P3 Advanced, and I love it, but at first I had endless trouble getting the DJI Go software to pick up the quad or transmitter. It insisted on showing "NOT CONNECTED" I am using a relatively cheap "Elba" Android Tablet, nothing special at all, and not listed as being supported by DJI.

    I experimented with all sorts of different methods, and finally stumbled on the one that works for me every time without fail. I hope it may help other P3 pilots who are having the same problems.
    I will list the process as a numbered list. Just follow it slavishly and the Go App "should" then automatically pick up the Phantom 3 option with the "aircraft" button, not the default Inspire option, when you reach that stage.

    1 - Power up the Android device, but DO NOT select the Go App. !!!!
    2 - Close all other running apps on your android device (for safety)
    3 - Power on the P3 Transmitter.
    4 - Power on the P3 aircraft and wait for it to fully initialise
    5 - ONLY NOW - Pull the USB plug from your android device OUT of the back of the P3 transmitter
    6 - Wait about 5 seconds or so and then plug it back in again.
    7 - Open the DJI Go app, and it should open with the correct Phantom 3 page already loaded, so you can then hit the blue "Aircraft"button to load the Go main screen.

    NB If you also have the Litchi software installed, then when you plug the USB lead back into the port on the transmitter, Android automatically pops up a selection box to let you choose DJI or Litchi. Select whichever you wish using the "Just once" or "Always" buttons as you prefer.

    That is all there is to it. I can now pretty well guarantee to have everything connect immediately and properly.
    Hope this helps others ?

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    RE: Battery treatment

    Just as an FYI.....

    To test a theory I have done absolutely nothing to my 3 P3P batteries - all of which I have had for a year. I do usually fully charge within 3 days of intending to fly...but never purposely discharge, etc.

    After a year they all show as perfect and work perfectly. The batteries have software installed which automatically regulate them (discharge after time, etc.)

    Obviously your mileage may vary but it just may be that those who attempt to constantly fiddle with their batteries aren't gaining much.
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    Another checklist - PDF format - for those with a Phantom 3.

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    A new site we are working on will provide all the best links to articles, sites, forums, accessories, etc. related to the DJI Phantom 3 and 4.
    Please visit http://www.phantominfo.com for the start of something big!
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    Thanks a lot for a useful threat!
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    I have a small problem with my recently purchased P3S: I've flown it a few times in beginner mode to get the hang of it and I wanted to cover a bit more ground than the 30m limit. So I disabled that limit and put 100m for both distance and altitude, but the app still does not allow me to go farther than 30m. I've checked in-flight and before the flight and beginner mode is off and the limits I set are there, but still the beginner mode limits are in effect while flying.

    Do you know what it might be?

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    1. Check to see if firmware is up to date.
    2. Restart all devices and the Phantom
    3. If this fails, reinstall the Go App

    MAKE SURE YOUR GO APP IS LOGGED INTO DJI - if you are not logged in, range is limited.

    Good luck.

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