Modifying the body of a drone(Xiaomi mi 4k)

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    So for the past year, I have been so happy with mi Xiaomi MI 4k drone. There is only 1 issue: portability.

    The drone is not heavy, but it is big. I was wondering about how feasible and doable it is to modify a drones' "shell/body" without damaging/interfering its ability to fly, even battery time.

    The drone(pictures attached has the official dimensions:
    (L x W x H): 14.96 x 17.91 x 6.69 inches

    However, the dimensions are more like 15 x 18 x 7.75 in. (No propellers attached)

    My goal would be 2 things:
    a) make the arms fold-able
    b) re print(3d printer which I dont have but UPS may print it) the landing gear so it can be detachable.

    Has anyone ever tried to do such a task, and if so, was it successful?
    Or, is it impossible, because it would mess up the aerodynamics and such of the drone?

    Thank you 20181220_092847.jpg 20181220_093034.jpg 20181220_093315.jpg 20181220_093318.jpg
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