Review or Mini-Review Hubsan X4 H107L - Update of original X4

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    Having lost my last X4 in a small evergreen tree, I decided that I cannot be without one of these in my stable, so I purchased the "bare" X4 H107L which is available without the TX or battery. Unlike the full X4 kit, this comes in a very small box and includes nothing except for the quacopter.

    (Hubsan Quads X4 H107L as sold by this Amazon Link)

    The price was about $34 including shipping.

    There are a vast number of reviews and opinions on the X4, including our original blog post as well as the discussion thread for that article. However, the X4 was updated a few months back and I have never flown or tested the upgraded model.

    (X4 with LED's - notice the chewed up props after some nice crashes!)

    So What's New?

    Not much! This is a case of improving the existing X4 based on feedback from the user community. In fact, most of the improvements were suggested by the online R/C community and have already been employed by those who own the older models. Here are the main changes:

    1. The propellers have been redesigned so that they completely cover the exposed motor shafts - this allows them to protect the shafts on upside down landings (crashes). Earlier models needed the "straw" modification to help with the problem of premature motor destruction.

    2. The feet or landing pods are now made of a softer rubber-like material which allows more shock resistance on hard landings or crashes.

    3. The bottom panel of the quad - the part which receives and holds the battery - has been upgraded with a softer material, allowing easier placement of the battery. This also helps with shock resistance as the same panel extends out all four legs and is part of the "break apart" design of the legs. In a bad crash, the bottom of the legs will separate slightly from the top....and can be pressed back into place easily by hand.

    4, LED's have been added at the end of each of the quads arms.

    5. An optional propeller guard is sold which is ideal for inside use and beginners.
    Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 1.45.49 PM.png

    Flying Matters

    I could not sense any difference between the newer and older X4's when it comes to it's flying manners. X4's are a bit difficult and can be challenging for first-time flyers. However, if you read on you may find that the X4 now can make a decent first quad for many beginners.

    The Basic Verdict - Is it truly improved?

    I have flown my new X4 H107L indoors for about 15 flights and crashed into many objects - I am flying without prop guards, so the quad is taking the full brunt of most of these collisions. I can certainly state that the new X4 is much sturdier than the older one. Many of these crashes might have caused damage to the original model, but the X4 H107L keeps flying.

    That being said, this is not a quadcopter which is likely to take the same punishment as a Syma X1 or some similar least not without the prop guards in place. The propellers can still detach and get lost easily and they often get mauled or bent in crashes.

    Still, it is accurate to say that the X4 model is now greatly improved in crash resistance.

    Some Cons - Same Cons

    I've already admitted to liking this quadcopter design - I can't imagine being without one. I learn a lot by flying this, both indoors and out. However, prospective owners need to consider these downsides:

    1. Repair - can be moderately difficult. It's very small, so you need good eyes as well as basic soldering skills to replace a motor - and the motors will need replacement after 25+ flights or so. If you don't want to repair it, you could certainly sell the non-working model for $15 or so to someone who will use the board, the shell and maybe one of the good motors. You can then simply purchase another bare bones model for a $20 difference.

    2. Bent or missing propellers. Many outlets sell H4 props online, but it is difficult to discern which are of the new design. I've seen many which claim to be, only to read in the comments that they are the old type. A couple crashes can cause the props to be bent and/or be deformed at the tips. It's good practice to bend them as straight as possible and, using your fingernails or some sandpaper, clean off the tips of them if frayed.

    User Hints

    Battery Insertion - as with the older X4, a good trick is to insert the battery from the side and then press it back toward the rear - as opposed to trying to start feeding it from directly in front. Always make certain that the battery is fully toward the rear, especially after a crash. This will make certain that your center of gravity is correct.

    Straightening Props - Place the X4 upside down on a flat surface and use a small coin to gauge the distance from the surface to the end of the propellers. Adjust all so they are the same. A US nickel seems to do the job quite nicely. If the propellers are not straight - or if they need replaced - the X4 will be difficult to trim and fly.

    Resetting - The "stick wiggle" method of resetting the gyros's still applies, however a better trick is simply to disconnect and reconnect the battery and rebind with the TX. This seems to solve many trim problems that the stick wiggle does not.

    Hovering - The X4 does not like to stand still, so many will find it difficult to keep it at a stable height. It requires constant user input (what we call piloting!) to make sure it is headed in the proper direction. This is "as designed" - the X4 is not made to be stable like a AR Drone or DJI Phantom. Rather it is a very active quadcopter with advanced technology in a small package.

    Is it a good First Quadcopter?

    We rated the initial X4 as being from "Advanced Beginners" up due to it's fragility and also it's active tendencies. However, each beginner is different. Some folks are more careful and may have experience on simulators or other R/C devices. For these and many others, the X4 (with prop guards and spare props) could be a fine first quadcopter. Unlike larger mini-quads (Syma X1), it's fairly easy to fly the X4 in any room larger than about 12 feet square.

    No quadcopter can take repeated hard crashing - and, with the improvements, the X4 is probably in the middle of the pack as far as it's crash resistance. We'll leave it up to the reader to determine what their first machine should be, but the X4 is now worthy of consideration.
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  2. Israel Felyppe

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    My x4 Hubsan Quads side the wind is doing wrong as I do it back to normal, white propeller wind is up and the other side black part does wind down and now?
  3. webman

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    Is your X4 able to fly? Or, do you think you have the propellers installed wrong?

    This is the propeller setup for most X quadcopters - the higher surface of the propellers should be moving in the same direction as the arrows. When a propeller does this, it pushed air down, which makes the quadcopter rise up.
  4. HX4

    HX4 New Member

    Pre-prop guard, 1st quad and indoor flying resulted in many hard landings and crashes. End result outside of replacing a few props was damaging one motor and one LED. Personally rate this quad as durable considering the hits the little X4 H107L took. At that point in time the RTF version was selling for ~$35. Today same retailer is asking ~$58:(. So I purchased another RTF kit with a prop guard. Flying skills have developed. Prop guard has saved the props. None bent or busted. With low rates set under normal mode this quad is very forgiving for a beginner. Change mode to "expert" and push up the rates makes for a quad that exceeds my current skill level. Definitely a keeper. Relative to the only other quads flown(RCL OneS & the Eye450) the X4 requires the least pilot input to hover at a set position under dead calm conditions.

    Micro-motor CL0720 replacing the stock motors in X4#001. Found that the RCL OneS props fit. Next experiment will be Micro-motor + rcl props. Hopefully will not cook the electronics.
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  5. webman

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    Do those props fit and also protect the motors (have a hub which rests on the motors or close?).

    I have a bunch of old X4 props, but doing the straw modification is a PITA and it's hard to tell exactly what you are getting online. Some places claim they have the new props, but then they ship you the old ones!
  6. Dan Dixon

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    Does anyone know the make/model of the battery connector for this quad? I have a couple of them and a handful of batteries. I also have a couple of the Estes Proto X Nanos. I bought 10 batteries for the Estes. I'd like to splice a set of the Hubsan Quads battery connectors in-line on the estes and their batteries. The connection on that one is not designed to be disconnected, but I'd like to have a bunch of batteries and a couple of those bugs. If I can splice the Hubsan Quads connector inline, I can disconnect that battery without disconnecting the original (delicate) connector, but I can use my many Hubsan Quads chargers to charge those batteries (which are 3.7V, too).
    This is my first post. I hope y'all will show me how helpful you can be. I'm excited to join this forum.
    Thanks and Best,
  7. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

  8. Newton Harris

    Newton Harris New Member

    My X4 arrived Friday. I had some other obligations and didn't get to anything other than open the box and look at it until Sunday afternoon. Mine came with the Prop Guard and I installed them as recommended by some of the posts. I'm really glad I did. I'm sure it saved the props.
    When I finally started flying, I did so in my living room with the TX set left in Normal mode. It took me a few times, but I was able to control it better than I thought I would. I didn't break anything in the house or the X4. I got the trim dialed in and it was a lot of fun flying around the living room and kitchen. The most challenging part was making it hover with a minimum amount of 'drift'. I found I could make it fairly stable, but still had to furnish a little input from the controls to help it out.
    Finally, I felt like the wind had stopped blowing enough to take it outside. Flying outside was so much more fun than in the living room. I went to a nearby church property that had a huge open area. There was still a little breeze and it did affect the flight. However, I was able to adjust to it and control the the thing for the most part.
    I was not quite as 'good' as I thought I was and got a little too close to a picnic pavillion on the property. You guessed it, crashed on top of the picnic pavillion. Quick trip back to the house for a little extension ladder and rescued it. One prop had popped off, but stayed close to the copter, so I got it and just popped it back on. I made sure the props still turned freely and was back in business.
    I switched over to Expert mode and really thought it was easier to control than in Normal mode, at least outside.
    At any rate, my first day of flying was successful IMHO. Great fun.
    I bought the X4 to learn with because it got reasonably good reviews and was relatively inexpensive. My purpose in learning about the Quadcopters is to eventually graduate to a larger one that has the capability to mount a small camera to be used in the possible inspection of roofs for Claims purposes. I've got a way to go, but I can definitely see possibilities here, especially after seeing some videos from GoPro's mounted on Phantoms, etc.
    More to come.
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  9. Dan Dixon

    Dan Dixon New Member

    I've got a lot of mileage out of my H107L. I've replaced 2 motors - no trouble. I finally hammered a wall so hard I broke one of the arms. I have a crash pack so I moved the board to a new body. This required disconnecting all the motors. I got it all put back together. At first, it connected to the controller properly, but would lurch hard right when I applied throttle - more than one could hope to trim out. I zeroed the level and the LEDs immediately went black, as if the battery was dead (which it wasn't). I disconnected and reconnected the battery and the right rear motor came on WHEN I connected the battery. After that, every time I connected the battery RR motor came on full immediately (no controller). I've checked my soldering and although it ain't production grade, it passes. I even tried a new motor - same behavior. Any ideas? I'm going to part it out if nobody has a suggestion. Except the PCB, the rest is all fine. I hate to lose the board, but I'm not going to get out scopes and analyzers for a $30 toy. Any advice appreciated.

  10. fredstev

    fredstev New Member

    I sympathize with Dan above. Sounds like somethings shorted out or a bad ESC. I've had my H107L for about 3 days now, and have been having a hoot with it. Really glad I bought the prop guard, but am getting to the point where I ain't crashing hardly at all, at least in the dining and living room. Carpet is your friend. I ordered extra propellers, the prop wrench and 5 extra batteries, which haven't come yet.

    For the price of these things, I'm considering ordering another one without the controller.

    That's only the price of a meal for 3 at Applebee's, so big deal. That way if I totaled the first one, I'd have it for spare parts to keep the second one flying. Has anyone checked out the new Hubsan Quads charger? I took a chance, and ordered one today on Ebay.
  11. readyquadcopters

    readyquadcopters New Member

    The prop guard is essential for learning to fly on the Hubsan Quads X4. Also I'd really recommend the crash pack as you really do want extra parts on hand after a number of hard landings.
  12. marcusbruner552

    marcusbruner552 New Member

    It's a great Micro Quad for a noob like me. My X6 still work after countless crashed, just broken one props, 2 LED lights.
  13. Geno

    Geno New Member

    I lost mine this morning :(
  14. MissPriss

    MissPriss New Member

    Total rookie here. You are all really helpful and I appreciate your posts. I am ready to get my wings on ! I have a summary going here and hope this is a fair start for me. I am using the links to order from references on droneflyers newsletters. If I am missing anything would truly appreciate your suggestions.

    If anyone has experience with left/right hand control differences, would appreciate the input (very left handed here)

    I am a digital marketing/online admin developer and spend a lot of time developing and delivering interests for at risk youth. I see this as a very viable and positive hobby that integrates valuable skills for future technologies. I'll begin by learning to turn it on and navigate a foot off the ground in my nicely carpeted house without causing too much damage :eek:

    Honestly, it just seems like a very cool hobby. Thanks again. :) More to come !
  15. fredstev

    fredstev New Member

    A quick note here: I've had two of these now for 22 months. Haven't been able to kill the original one yet, although I've replaced 2 motors, about 15 props and had it kidnapped by a neighborhood dog. I fly the original one outside in the summer, and fly the second one inside when I'm bored in the winter. These things are survivors !
  16. Daniuha

    Daniuha New Member

    Hey. I have a problem, my Hubsan Quads x4 h107l drifts to the right side and I can't solve it with trimming. I've tried to reset gyro's,but it doesn't work.
  17. Stephen Doku

    Stephen Doku New Member

    very good one ,every one look out for more
  18. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    Does anyone know where to get genuine spare blades for Hubsan Quads X4 V2 107L???.... it seems everywhere on Amazon, Ebay, Banggood etc all seem to be copies. I ordered a set of 20 off Ebay and they perform very poorly. Are not balanced properly and fly off motors during flight.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  19. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    It can be a number of things. The X4 is not know to hover exactly in the same spot... even when brand new. Try resetting controller sticks first, then copter gyro on as close to perfectly flat surface you can find. If its still drifting after that, trim sticks, and if it is still drifting, then there is some problem with either the blades, motors or gyros. If one blade is not performing as well as other 3, the gyro will keep copter level, but it wont stop drift. This goes for motor too.
    Without sensors like the DJI Phantoms have, these little copters dont have the automatic functions to maintain perfect hover.

    I am still learning all this myself, but this is what I've found so far

  20. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    From my experience and what I've read online, dont get 500mAh batteries. The 380mAh ones are the perfect size. Adds more weight to copter, which is a good thing in light breeze, longer run time, more stable power for longer... than the stck 270mah that come with unit. they dont last long at all. you'll be surprised how much longer the 380's give. just don't for cheapest out there. generally spend a bit more on battery to get a better quality one.
    The 500 though I think is a little too heavy. put strain on the motors, and have heard extra weight can prematurely burn motors out.

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