H501S = "GPS" turns red when motors start

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  1. hubsanH501S

    hubsanH501S New Member

    Hi everyone, I've got a little problem with my Hubsan Quads H501S x4 and wondered if anyone would be able to help. I'm a total newbie so please bear with me!

    It has been working perfectly for the first 2 months I had it and I used it alot. Never updated the firmware. Recently, when I calibrate the quad and wait for GPS, the GPS indicator on the bottom of the transmitter screen is green (as normal), however when I start the rotors it turns red, and I presume when I am flying it is not properly GPS mode as it drifts around and doesn't move in follow mode.

    To my knowledge I haven't changed any settings or anything, and it has never crashed or been damaged.

    Anyone had this problem before? I've found similar threads but mine seems fine until the rotors start.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. RGJameson

    RGJameson Active Member

    This may be worth a shot.

    Hub repair Capture.JPG
  3. Ashley Gray

    Ashley Gray New Member

    i do put extra gps tracker to my drone just in case. had an incident before and i would not want to make that happen again
  4. Deixmos

    Deixmos New Member

    I have the same issue with mine, except there was a crash involved. I wonder if the issue I am having was the cause of the crash. The crash occurred while the drone was in return to home mode, and was almost landed, when it flipped and crashed for no apparent reason. aside from the crash, my issue is identical. I guess my next step will be to contact the manufacturer again.

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