H501S FPV failure

Discussion in 'Specific Models of Quadcopters and Drones' started by epitrochoid, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. epitrochoid

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    Hi everyone

    This is my first post and I don't believe there has been any solutions to this problem posted so far. I like the look of this forum over the others as the quality of replies is usually very high!

    I have been flying the H501S for a couple of months now with no issues. I upgraded the antennas on the transmitter and experienced no problems.

    Last time I powered the drone down the fpv was fine but the next time I powered up both ends for a new flight the transmitter just shows a black screen for the video. The rest of the GPS details etc are all displayed ok.

    The drone camera still works because I can still command photos and videos and save to sd card so there's something in the 5.8ghz path that's gone weird.

    So far Hubsan Quads support have just asked about changing the 5.8ghz freq and asking if I'd crashed it and damaged the 5.8 antenna in the drone. I have dissected the drone as far as possible without desoldering anything (I can do that but don't want to unnecessarily) and all connectors look ok inside.

    Does anyone know if this is a common issue with hubsans or drones in general? Is it common for the antenna inside the drone to become faulty? The only thing I can think of is when transporting the drone after my last flight something has "jiggled" loose but as I said, all looked ok.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  2. RGJameson

    RGJameson Active Member

    Have you?
  3. epitrochoid

    epitrochoid New Member

    No! Literally when I first flew it I had a hairy moment but I've flown it probably 15 times for serious long flights since then with no issues whatsoever.

    The latest Hubsan Quads support reply was:
    "Most FPV problems have to do with the module, or the soldering part.
    If you have a multimeter, you should be able to check the continuity of the 5.8GHz board."

    I'm an electronic engineer so not sure what he means by the continuity of the 5.8 board. Or which soldered part. Presumably buzz out all the connections on the board inside the quad?

    I'll take the quad apart again when I have a couple of hours free.

    Any other thoughts?
  4. epitrochoid

    epitrochoid New Member

    Sorry repost, flaky Internet
  5. Deixmos

    Deixmos New Member

    I had a similar issue when I installed my memory card the first time, tech support had me reformat the card and reinstall it. That solved my problem, and I had many trouble free flights since, at least until the quad crashed horribly.

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