Review or Mini-Review Favorite Gps drone under $150 - JJRC x5 EPIK

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  1. Paul Archer

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    Hey guys,
    I reviewed the MJX Bugs 5w a while ago on my youtube channel and I thought it was simply great, however recently I got my hands on a very similar drone that's even cheaper.

    There's many people asking me around for a cheap gps drone that has stable footage and precise return to home... well here it is.

    If I was to underline the main benefits of this drone:
    1. rotative camera (can be controlled from the transmitter)
    2. over 250m video range (even more for the drone itself)
    3. Precise GPS return to home ( max 2 m, usually under 1 m)
    4. follow me function (not amazing, but usable)
    5. circle around subject
    6. low battery return to home
    7. waypoints (not super smooth, but it works)

    Not everything is perfect, but the JJPRO x5 is flying super accurately and the 1080p camera is not half bad! And what's more... I wasn't payed to say this.
    My only interest is maybe if you subscribe to my channel, if you like my reviews, I'd really appreciate that.

    Have a nice Christmas guys!

    Oh btw, here's some photos I didn't post in the review:

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  2. raztec

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    Have you ever used the DroneX Pro?
    Has anyone reviewed it?

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