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    This will be a discussion and QA thread for the new DJI Mavic.
    I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling in NYC in September and fly one - now I have my own and have done some articles and videos about Mavic Pro.
    Here is the main article that will be linked to other resources:

    I'd be glad to answer any questions about the Mavic Pro.
    This new model is the fastest selling in history so they will be hard to get before Christmas. You may just make it if you want one and order now. I'd say that ordering direct from DJI may be the best chance since DJI makes more money on direct they may be temped to allot a bunch for themselves.
    Here is a link to the Mavic Pro on DJI:
    Here is the Amazon Link:

    It's a sweet piece of technology! That said, those who want the most mature higher end consumer camera drone for the holidays are probably better off getting the Phantom 4 - it's available and has more photo and video options than the Mavic. A bigger camera and lens allows for slightly better image quality. The Mavic Pro really only has one advantage over the Phantom 4 - that of portability.
    Read our "slugfest" comparing the currently available camera drones.
    Here are some shots I took today with the Mavic Pro

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    Longer than any other I've flown. It all depends on windage, camera use, flying manners, etc.
    Always subtract about 5 min. from max time.

    Looking at my logs it ends up at about 22-23 minutes as opposed to the 20 I feel safe with on most of my other DJI machines (P3, P4).
    I end up terminating most flights simply because I get all the pics and footage I need well before that....meaning that flight times are hardly as important any more. The only real advantage now is that I (and many others) only have one battery, so the long times are good.

    The range on this thing is off the charts. I don't test the limits - just to say you aren't going to worry about it in your use.

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