Blog Article Continuation(s) DJI Introduces Spark - their newest Product!

Discussion in 'Specific Models of Quadcopters and Drones' started by webman, May 25, 2017.

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    In terms of range - in an open area with the R/C control I was easily able to get 2,000+ feet of range. This is USA FCC model.
    Note the distance in meters in enclosed picture.
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    DJI has a "forced update" for Spark which claims to solve the problem of power loss experienced by a small percentage of uses - in these case, the Spark actually fell out of the sky! We have personally never experienced this, but it obviously was something real...having to do with power management in the software.

    Bottom line - All Sparks need to be updated. If you do not do the update, Spark will stop flying as of Sept. 1.
    For all Spark information, specs, links to downloads and more, check the DJI web site at:

    Note - other improvements are included including fixes to the quickshots and goggle hookup.
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    Some pics of the Polar Pro ND and PL Filters for the DJI Spark. These will help those who wish to take better video in bright conditions. Polar Pro even offers an app which helps you make the proper settings for your Spark camera! You can purchase various sets at Amazon -

    IMG_8190.jpg IMG_8202.jpg

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