Buying a Drone: DJI Mavic Pro vs Mavic Air

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DJI Mavic Pro vs Mavic Air. I'd choose...

  1. I'm a Mavic Pro owner, I'd still choose the Pro

  2. I'm a Mavic Pro owner, I wish I had an Air instead.

  3. I'm a Mavic Air Owner, I think I made the right choice.

  4. I'm a Mavic Air Owner, I wish I had a Pro instead.

  5. I own neither, but I'd buy the Mavic Pro.

  6. I own neither, but I'd buy the Mavic Air.

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  1. VladTepes

    VladTepes Member

    This discussion pertains to the original Mavic Pro (NOT the Mavic 2)

    So I've been researching and as far as I can ascertain from the internets:

    Mavic Pro

    - quieter(or at least less like a swarm of bees)
    - longer flight time
    - ability to program waypoint flights, terrain follow, course lock, home lock.
    - better controller (has telemetry screen)

    - gimbal susceptible to damage? (less protected)
    - somewhat heavier / less portable
    - fewer sensors for obstacle avoidance (none to the reverse)

    Mavic Air

    - more sensors for obstacle avoidance (reverse as well as forward, down)
    - gimbal better protected
    - lighter

    - shorter flight time
    - noisier
    - basic flight modes only
    - more basic controller


    On the camera issue most comparative shots I've seen for the Air are against the Mavic 2 Pro which is hardly a fair comparison. Several reviews mention the Air has a better camera than the Mavic Pro, but on what basis? I suppose there's also a difference between whether main desire is stills or video...

    Have any Pro owners had any times you've felt it wanting for a feature, which the Air now offers?

    I found this interesting review from a photographers perspective.
    which includes some comparative shots. He comes to the conclusion that the Pro is still better (or at least for still photography).

    The main other difference is price, with Pro being around $200 more expensive than the air ($300 for Pro Platinum)
    However this isn't really an issue as a refurbed Pro can be had for the same price as a new Air.
    Also I'd likely buy second hand if I could find a decent Pro or Pro Platinum anyway.
    (Airs are too new to have hit the second hand market yet)

    I'm interested in owner's opinion on the above, anything I've missed, and particularly whether you've experienced any issues with those things I've listed as "cons" for the Mavic Pro.

  2. VladTepes

    VladTepes Member

    A deal too good to refuse came up so I'm getting a Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More combo.

    I'd still encourage discussion in this thread though, for future reference for others with the same question.
  3. Grumpy_one

    Grumpy_one New Member

    I'm in the market for my first drone. I'm a professional photographer and people keep asking why I haven't delved into the drone photography market yet. Quite honestly, if it couldn't pay for itself, I wasn't interested. But now I'm wanting it just for myself to do landscape/skyline. I could probably use it in my line of work also. But my first choice was the Mavic Pro Platinum that costco offers. But I've been scouring reviews between the Pro 2 and the Pro Platinum. I like the idea of being able to adjust aperture in flight on the Pro 2 vs fixed on the Platinum. But I also like the bundle that Costco offers with the goggles. Saw one review stating that having to look on a screen in bright daylight vs the goggles is a no brainer, goggles all the way. Vlad, do you mind sharing what kind of deal you got on your Platinum? Thanks

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