Review or Mini-Review Best mini drones guide - for people interested in portability

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  1. Paul Archer

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    I've been asked many times by my youtube viewiers if there's a top of small drones I could recommend them.
    So I made one on the site:

    Basically I started to gather what knowledge I had about all the smallest drones out there and made it into an article. There were a bunch that I thought would be the best ones for every situation where someone would look into getting a smaller drone.
    In the list there's all sizez, from mini to micro drones, from DJI Spark to cheap beginner quadcopters. But you'll see what I chose in the article itself.

    The main benefits when choosing a smaller drone would becan be flown inside
    • can be flown inside
    • more portable
    • no need to register (usually)
    • great for kids and beginners
    • less dangerous
    • cheaper
    There are some disadvantages though too:

    • shorter battery life
    • not as good camera
    • less features overall

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