4DRC-M1 Mark300 drone

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    I'm trying to see whether I should bother installing external antennas on this aircraft. What I've found so far is there are two antennas in the camera with the little stingers poking out. One antenna in the body of the drone. This drone has 5g. I'm thinking that both antennas in the camera is probably the 5g. Then I'm guessing at this point is the data port is the antenna on the drone. Now here is where I'm lost. On the controller there is only one antenna. That has to be the data antenna, right? I'm guessing there's only one antenna on the controller because the camera is exchanging video etc directly with the phone. Is my thought process correct? I'm uploading some pictures to see if that helps in understanding me. Any info is appreciated. 20200426_215015.jpg 20200426_210028.jpg 20200426_210144.jpg

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