Current rules regarding forum behavior...

Basically, our rule is the Golden Rule! We could go on for pages about this and that, but if you are signed up here chances are good that you already know most of them!

The purpose of the site is educational - to promote BOTH consumer education as well as the industry itself. If your post fits into those areas, chances are it's fine!

We are not going to discuss politics, guns, elections, welfare, wars, religion, immigration, etc. etc. etc.
If your post is about those subjects, it is likely to disappear without notice. Please keep any avatars, signatures and other public facing material as non-confrontational as possible.

This is a moderated forum- and is of the "family friendly" variety.

That should be about it for now...

Note that different rules will apply to strictly commercial members. Post with no other purpose than to sell products are not welcome in the main forums. However, we will soon have an area for Press Releases and Announcements where these posts can go.
Rules, Etc.
May 31, 2013
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